What’s my excuse?

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“Hi, my name is Gina, I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma and my DOC is Oxy.”

Actually what I honestly claimed the first time I was prompted to disclose my preference came out as “oxyhol” but no one seemed to understand that response…

Rehabilitation by a better name.

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Just another life, spun out of control…

sad abomination, endless withdrawal

Value is found within (if you embrace)

walls that shield us from the strung out rat race


Ever restrained from such classic melee

no aspirin taken for a common headache

But weakness arose with a prescription

in a hospital bed I began my addiction


Testing sheer limits of tranquility

is to envision immortality

Play by the fire too much and soon learn

only the arsonist takes pride in their burns


A neck or a noose — it strangles the same


Hindsight is bound to be 2020

Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month

I have authored one self-published book — a cookbook —in a manner like most bigger projects I do, which is to say rather unorthodox and slow, so that it finally materialized roughly two years later than planned. Aside from college and social media posts that work was the bulk of my writing experience in adult life until late 2018 when I attempted Indie Journalism. Success in that self-publishing sphere requires a fast-paced output and consistent style that is overly rigid for my speed. …

A (sick) thermodynamic poem


Oh, lovely chaos gives Nature her due

we’ll pay with some lives, plus a fortune or two

Invisible forces wreak havoc on all

a seasonal shift plots recurrence this fall

We steep flotsam and jetsam, bedlam and din

in ancient beliefs that foster cyclical sin

Resolve this at risk of assets held dear

the money that’s worshipped, the power we fear

Capitalize on conflicts, socialize Hell?

none other (wise creature) has done this so well

New virus sets sinister passions in motion

a strange global plague, neo-monied devotion

Beneath us ill Antichrist, haloed Angels above



Chapter 1

Each generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it. ~George Orwell



“It’s ok to lose people, but never lose yourself.”


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You may find yourself in this position with children of your own someday. …

This is a Corporate Coup d’état

Billionaire Boy’s Club (Pinterest)

I want people who have made a fortune,” Trump told a crowd of supporters in Des Moines, Iowa, on his “thank you tour” after winning the 2016 election. “You watch what’s going to happen.”

Before going any further, Trump voters should ask themselves these questions:

  • What is Cambridge Analytica? Do you think culling voter information is done for any non-manipulative…

Gina L. Ryan

Historical nonfiction about people destroying each other & the planet. Independent journo working primarily on a memoir for my son this next year.

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